Boogs Cards the official jersey sponsor for the Rapids

In preparation for the inaugural season, the Columbus Rapids have found an official jersey sponsor. Boogs Cards has been named the official jersey sponsor for the Columbus Rapids.

The company started primarily on eBay, with Randall Bruegge buying and subsequently reselling sports trading cards on the site. 

Bruegge got his start in 2007, under the name dil_and_boogscards on eBay and quickly expanded into the trading card industry, working at a number of different locations, both physical shops, and websites, such as, for a number of years. 

In 2016, Bruegge was forced to take a break from selling cards, leaving the entire industry behind to go work at an electrical company in Cincinnati, Schaller Electric. Bruegge eventually found his way back into the trading card industry in March of 2017, working for dcsports, an account run by his friend Zach Camann. 

After a year and a half with dcsports, Bruegge became the main breaker for dcsports. As Bruegge continued to work with dcsports, he saw the market grow year after year before a major boom came in 2020. 

The consignment side of dcsports grew from a mere two members to 30 in that short time then Camann offered Bruegge a chance to partner with Joseph Robertson of Sappy’s Sports Cards. Bruegge was now the top breaker for dcsports as well as working as a breaker for Sappy’s Sports Cards.

Working with dcsports, which has over 13,000 members on Facebook, Bruegge reaches all across America, including Hawaii and Alaska, while even selling to Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and China among others. 

As the market continued to grow, another opportunity came up when Bruegge’s wife, Karina, received orders as a Marine to Fort Benning in 2018. After the move, the two decided that there was an opportunity to expand to a brick and mortar store. 

The new store is currently being built in the Ivy Park Center located at 9501 Veterans Parkway, Fortson, Ga. 31820. Since moving to this location, Bruegge has added four local employees to the team.

You can find Boogs Cards on facebook here and dcsports on facebook here

All ticket options for the Rapids inaugural season can be found here. Group tickets and season tickets are available while single game tickets will not go on sale until November.

The inaugural season for the NISL will begin in December 2021.


The National Indoor Soccer League, which has its league office in Georgia, was founded in January 2021 by a group of experienced sports team/league owners with over 40 years of ownership experience. The NISL has plans to grow the league nationally within the next three years and will kick off its inaugural season in December 2021. The league will operate a Men's & Women's division with each market fielding both teams. Fans will be able to watch a men’s and women’s game each gameday.  For more information, go to